Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Cupcakes & early Christmas presents!

It was my office Christmas party on Friday which was fun but messy on my part, let's not go into details! Needless to say, all day Saturday was spent nursing a massive hangover. My friend Pia came around and made the hangover slightly less awful, we went shopping and went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park (overrated if you ask me, although it could be that I am biased due to an unfortunate combination of a sore head and screaming kids).

We exchanged presents as well, she had made me an AWESOME box full of embroidery stuff so we can get started on our new hobby. Isn't it pretty?

She even made me cute little needle cushions!

And since this post is dedicated to lovely things, I thought I'd add a few baking pics from tonight. We have another charity cake sale at work tomorrow and I have made a huge batch of banana cupcakes with sinfully delicious white chocolate frosting. Definitely not for the faint of heart, in fact I feel semi-sick after a few too many tastes.

Pretty polkadot cases imported from Brussels

White chocolate. Mmmm!

The finished cupcakes in all their glory, may they make someone's belly very happy!

And finally, a much better picture of our Christmas tree than in my previous post

Now I need to finish some work. Oh sweet, sweet Thursday come soon!


  1. Fine sager, især broderi æsken!!

  2. Ja, jeg blev også vildt glad for den! Hun er så dygtigt, så dygtig. :)

  3. Aw, Anne, your comment is so welcome! I really agree with what you say and your blog-diary is really helpfull and mind-opening. I have another blog in Greek about everyday issues etc, but the purpose of creating "Lipstic Pen" is the same as yours: A diary on my life, with every aspect of it, including of course weight-loss. The fact that's killing me inside, is that I'm not obese, I have 12-13 (now) kg over my weight and I've heared all those people who have lost 100 kg or something and I wonder: "Why cannot do this myself?"

    And that's what kills me. The situation that I'm describing in the post that you commented, is something that I really need help on! I don't know how to hold myself off the plate. I'm so stressed at those visits that I even crave on bread!! Who??? Me, who in any other situation hates bread!!!!

    Well, I love clothes and shoes.. and hope to keep my promise on the weight loss!!!

    Thanks for all your words, you're amazing! :)

  4. fuck, nogen fantastiske kager!
    (undskyld mit sprog) men de er wrely wrely

    Kig forbi!

  5. Hahaha! I guess you're right but I'm getting into the mood of healthy eating! However, I'm so pissed with myself that even when I look at Christmas candy etc I directly see the picture in front of me: my jeans not zipping, my cheecks looking chubbier etc!

    Well, to be really honest, I really like this happening!!!! This picture automatically comes in my eyes.. and I don't touch anything!!!

    It's like a self torture.. but I LOVE IT!!! because it keeps me away from temptations! :p

  6. kagerne ser virkelig gode ud!!!

  7. Mange tak skal du have! De var også ret så lækre... :)

  8. ah, du er god til at lave frosting på dine cupcakes! min frosting ser altid mega grim ud.

  9. Mange tak, Cloé! Jeg har også øvet mig rigtig meget! :)