Thursday, 22 October 2009

Long weekend

Today is the beginning of a nice, long weekend for me. I have taken a few days off work as my aunt is coming to visit and even though she doesn't arrive until tomorrow evening, I have taken the whole day off for a bit of self pampering. Tomorrow is also payday and will be my first full month's pay on my new salary after getting promoted, yay! So as you can imagine, big spending is on the cards...

First order of the day is a haircut. I have needed one for so long, I have split ends galore. Even though I'm looking forward to the whole haircut experience (I always go here, they give awesome head massages and their shampoo smells so fresh and gorgeous), I tend to spend two weeks post-haircut coming to terms with the fact that I am not, nor will I ever be, Zooey Deschanel. Pretty Zooey. So yeah, hopefully my hair will look like a less full, straighter, more blonde version of this come tomorrow afternoon:

After my haircut I will most definitely be spending some money. I am planning on purchasing a cute Comme Des Garçons cardigan (partly inspired by the lovely Cloé). I would post a picture but for some reason I can't get it centred, grrrr. Hopefully I can post a picture of myself wearing it in my next post instead.

I will probably also be getting an iPhone. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I hate the bloody things, but I do need a new phone pretty desperately and perhaps it's time to get rid of my "Oh-but-I-have-had-Nokias-ever-since-I-was-15" stubbornness.

I am sure I will be buying lots of other things, a shopping update will follow no doubt.

Now it's time for a bit of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl and a long night's sleep, ahhhh!


Sunday, 18 October 2009

Groundhog Day

After being hungover all day, me and Daniel (I know I should say "Daniel and I" but I think that sounds so formal and lame) decided to rent a film on iTunes. We often do this and I think we might have exhausted their rental selection as it's getting increasingly hard to find a film that isn't about bromance or starring Hilary Duff. Anyway, yesterday we stumbled over the old classic Groundhog Day which made for very pleasurable viewing on a Saturday night.

One of the reasons for starting my blog in the first place was to have a place to post some of my work. I recently made a promo for About Schmidt which is a truly great film (the kind of film we rarely show on the channels I produce for) so I thought I'd put it on here. 

Enjoy! x

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Since last update...

I am not super happy with Blogspot and have started the process of creating a new blog. Unfortunately I am a bit of a perfectionist and so, it's taking a while. I find myself taking photos for my blog, then putting off updating it because I want to save the pictures for the new, pretty blog. Alas, I shall try and update this thing on a regular basis until the new super-blog is ready for the grand unveiling.

So, since my last update I have added another year to my age, I have started my new job, it has become autumn, I have discovered the joys of diet Cherry Coke and I have lost a few pounds. All in all, not too shabby.

More recently (as in this weekend) I have had a bit of a Halloween obsession going on and have spent most of my time watching old favourites on dvd. Since Friday, I have watched The Ninth Gate, Hocus Pocus, Carrie and The Nightmare Before Christmas. We are having a Halloween party in a few weeks' time so I am looking for inspiration for an awesome costume.

I also found time to do a bunch of things I have been too lazy to do. I went to Camden to pick up an old vintage bag of mine that had been fixed by a man selling homemade leather bags at the market. I had been putting that off for ages, but it's nice to have it back. Then I walked into town and had a stroll around in the sunshine. Went to Soho Square and had some sushi, then finally went into Frith Street Tattoo to put my name on Valerie Vargas' waiting list so I can get my Russian doll tattoo done. Her waiting list is about a year (which I was expecting), and while it may seem like a long time, I love her work and I would rather wait a while to get the tattoo of my dreams than find another artist and get a less good tattoo out of it. It will stay on my body forever, after all! My other tattoos are much smaller and without colour and while I did think about all of them for quite some time before getting them done, this is a much bigger decision. It will be on my left forearm and therefore far more visible than my others ones, so I want to get it right.

I will finish this very long entry with a few photos taken since my last update.

I made a bunch of cupcakes for a charity cake sale at work

Pretty butterfly at my parents' summer house

Kitties being cute

London is pretty in autumn

I can't believe I live a 5 minute walk away from this

Just doing this post has confirmed how much I dislike Blogspot, what's with the retarded double spacing between paragraphs? Better get my skates on and finish my awesome new blog, huh?