Thursday, 10 December 2009


Considering how sporadically I update, I am really happy to have 7 followers. I follow all of your blogs with great interest and will definitely be updating a lot more after the Christmas rush.

I have been having a crazy time at work lately, getting home at 11 every night this week. I am tired but happy and will definitely have lots of fun updates ready for you soon. At the moment I have to devote all of my creative juices to my work (which is actually a privilege, not many people have a job they truly love, where they can be creative all day long and get paid decently for it).

You guys make me want to make a real effort. Hopefully getting that Canon after Christmas will mean nicer photos too, which I know will make me want to post more frequently.

So, thank you. All 7 of you! I look forward to getting to know you all better.



  1. Kender det! Man bliver så glad af at vide, der er nogen, der læser med. Så keep it up, jeg hænger på :-)

  2. Ooh, what kind of Canon are you getting, do you think? I have the same plan, although Canon or Nikon, I haven't decided yet.

    Thought of you yesterday when we purchased an absolutely ridiculous (well, ridiculously awesome) cat outfit <3

  3. Fie: Det lyder sgu godt, tak for det!

    Coralene: Hehe, you little cat whisperer! I was thinking of getting the Canon EOS 1000D which is a fairly entry level camera but has most of the features I'm looking for. And then it's smaller than their other SLR cameras which I quite like. :)

    Yay for cat outfits! My cats still haven't forgiven me for the Santa hats, poor things. Rupert broke a cupcake AND a matryoshka ornament from our tree yesterday (probably out of spite).