Sunday, 18 October 2009

Groundhog Day

After being hungover all day, me and Daniel (I know I should say "Daniel and I" but I think that sounds so formal and lame) decided to rent a film on iTunes. We often do this and I think we might have exhausted their rental selection as it's getting increasingly hard to find a film that isn't about bromance or starring Hilary Duff. Anyway, yesterday we stumbled over the old classic Groundhog Day which made for very pleasurable viewing on a Saturday night.

One of the reasons for starting my blog in the first place was to have a place to post some of my work. I recently made a promo for About Schmidt which is a truly great film (the kind of film we rarely show on the channels I produce for) so I thought I'd put it on here. 

Enjoy! x


  1. Bill Murray is so fantastic. I think I've pretty much adored him in just about every film he's ever been in. That sounds like a nice little night!

    Well done on the promo!

  2. I do love Bill Murray, I hadn't seen Groundhog Day for years and I had forgotten what a sarcastic bastard he is in it, awesome film.

    And thank you! Obviously the voice over will always be one of the Scandinavian languages but hopefully the overall meaning comes across. :) x

  3. flot promo! nu kan jeg slet ikke tage nogen kanaler stort set så jeg har ikke rigtig fået set hvad det der puls går ud på. men sender de ikke lidt bedre ting end de andre tv3 kanaler? jeg har i hvert fald læst at de sender madmen.

  4. Tak! Altså, Puls kan godt være lidt af en rodebiks... Men de sender helt klart nogle federe programmer (synes jeg) end de andre TV3-kanaler. Masser af mad- og rejseprogrammer og den slags, hvilket jeg godt kan lide (nørd). Og Mad Men og Pushing Daisies og helt okay film indimellem. Hehe, man skulle tro, jeg blev betalt for at reklamere for kanalen i min fritid også...