Saturday, 21 November 2009

The death of the perfect coat

On Thursday I went out for drinks around Camden with work. A few of us continued the party at the Lock Tavern and I foolishly left my new coat on the sofa while I went to the bathroom. When I came back, the bar was closing up and my coat was gone. I have since called the place and no one has found it/handed it in.

The point isn't that I had to walk home wearing only a cardigan in late November, or that I will have to spend money on a new coat again. What KILLS me is that my coat is sold out. It took me ages to find the perfect coat (black duffle coat with a big hood) and I had it for about 3 weeks before someone took it.

I hope whoever took it gets swine flu. Or chlamydia.

Goodbye, perfect coat! We had some good times.


  1. Obvious question, but do you have swine flu and chlamydia? ;) Kiddinggg. That's a sad story though, I'm sorry for your loss! Which makes it sound as though your coat has actually died. RIP, perfect big-hooded duffle coat.

  2. Øv.. og så kan du jo trøste dig med at personen helt sikkert har svine-influenza.. Det har ALLE jo..
    Og god jagt på en ny!